First project


For our first project, the task was to create a webserver and a webclient on our ESP8266. ESPs are small microcontrollers that can be programmed to do all sorts of things. When compared to Arduino, they are more powerful and have more memory. They also have WiFi built in, which makes them perfect for this project.

How to do it

In the lessons we learned how to setup the ESP8266 and how to program it. We also learned how to create a webserver and how to create a webclient. We used the Arduino IDE to program the ESP8266. The IDE is a program that allows you to write code and upload it to the ESP8266. The IDE also has a serial monitor that allows you to see the output of the ESP8266 which is very useful for debugging.

To send and receive data from the ESP8266, we used the serial monitor on the side of the ESP and on the other side we have used Postman which is a program that allows you to send API requests in a clean and easy way.

Last updated on February 1, 2023